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One of the places I've been spending more time the past few months is a subreddit called r/makinghiphop. It's certainly not the subreddit I would have expected to be hanging out in, but it's been a great resource for feedback as I've been working on There Is No_System.


Every week they have a handful of different competitions that are mostly just meant as a creative challenge. There are challenges for low-fi hip-hop (the study-beats you've probably listened to one afternoon or late night while you were trying to focus), writing/rapping, and one called the One Kit Challenge.I've never really participated because I've been trying to finish the album, but last week I was intrigued by the folder of samples. The instructions are simple: Build something out of the pack of sounds. You can chop them up and process things as much as you want, but you have to only work with what's in the folder.It's always interesting to see what people do. I started thinking about a Spanish lounge song sample that was included and began to think about what I could extract from it. I guess I was feeling a little funky. I'm more influenced by jazz and alternative rock than most current hip-hop, so I started to build out something that ended up being more of a song. I've been tinkering with building sample synthesizers, so the chopped-up samples went into keyboards I could play.

If you're interested in what others made, you can find those entries in the thread that's here. It's fascinating to listen to how different all of the approaches are. There's some really cool work. Anyway, I guess my design aesthetic will always be, on some level, remix. Whether it's chopping up and reusing samples or building new designs out of individual photos or illustrations, all sorts of things get reused. I've always known that, but it becomes more apparent when I start playing around with a problem like this one.

Born in Austin, TX, No_System is a fearless tribe of rebels, misfits, and non-conformists. We're here to challenge the status quo and empower you to stand out with clothing that defies control. Our mission is to inspire you to see beneath the surface and embrace the belief that we are all Not Greater or Less Than.

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We have a thriving Destiny community at JustPlay and we have been playtesting Destiny since it was released. We playtest many different ideas, in many different matchups, both in paper and online; we also build and playtest popular decks that pop up online. This puts us in a strong position to rank decks and their place in the meta.

Tier 1 - Decks that consistently perform well, have a significant amount of raw power, and play many of the best cards in the format. These are the decks that all other decks need to be able to beat.

What do you think of the current Tier rankings for Star Wars: Destiny? Check back soon - we'll be keeping this list regularly updated as the meta continues to develop and the Q1 organised play season continues!Also don't forget to follow us on YouTube for more Destiny content, and join us for our first Destiny Grand Tournament on this Saturday, 21st January, at JustPlay in Liverpool!

Amintim că Boris Nemțov a fost împușcat mortal pe un pod din apropierea Kremlinului. Datorită investigațiilor acestuia, opinia publică a fost informată despre luxul și averea enormă deținută de liderul de la Kremlin, Vladimir Putin.

Another simple series where the hot, busty teacher seduces her students and fucks them. Often teacher series end up being rape or gangbang themed but this one is just simply the teacher seducing a student and fucking them. Everyone loves big tits and teachers and this is as good of a series featuring that content that you can get.

Roster: Entirely exclusive. Yua Mikami, Arina Hashimoto, Aoi, Tsukasa Aoi, Aika Yumeno, Moe Amatsuka, Usa Miharu, Nami Hoshino Saki Okuda, etc.. S1 has a large roster (a couple dozen) and the list before is just a few of the popular names. They have a lot of actresses rotate through there, often debuting with this large, popular studio and later deciding to freelance. They do always manage to have a steady stream of actresses working with them though and they tend to have a large number that are among the most popular in the industry.

At some point people just want to watch some hot, thicc actresses get fucked. This is the perfect series for that. Seeing hot actresses in all of their thiccness fucking is great. Lots of great outfits and scenes here to really give some top notch content. This is but one of many wonderful thicc series they have.

Exclusive + Freelance. Their exclusives roster includes Shouko Takahashi, Sakura Miura, Tsubomi (semi-exclusive with Wanz-Factory), Mia Nanasawa , Julia (semi-exclusive with Oppai), Kana Yume, and a few others.

MIAA, MIAD, MIAE, MIDD, MIDE, MIFD, MIGD, MIMK, MIRD. Moodyz tends to have a lot of codes that they cycle through depending on the sub-label. Right now they are using MIDE for exclusives, MIAA for freelancers, and MIFD for debuts. MIMK has been used for hentai adaptations and MIRD has been used for group releases.

Amateurs + Freelancers. Rocket has a lot of wacky themes so they often need to get actresses willing to do wacky themes in their door. There always seems to be some big name starring in videos, but Rocket releases are typically multi-actress and feature several actresses who are relatively unknown.

This series is literally about actresses fucking each other and trying to force the other to cum. Seeing them engage in such hot and dominant lesbian action is great. The competition aspect really takes it to another level.

WNZ, WNZS, WANZ, WAVR. Wanz Factory has been around for a long time, including since before studios started using a well-defined system for codes. As a result, they have a large number of videos from older codes like YO, and NWF. Right now Wanz is using WANZ for their main stuff and WAVR for their VR content.

Celeb no Tomo is a studio known for their variety work. They tend to do a wide range of stuff and often feature middle aged women, often on the curvier side. They tend to be open to a lot of different things like lesbian and anal where they have some particularly great content.

One of the downsides I find with Celeb no Tomo is they often have videos without plots. I tend to enjoy more story oriented videos and their plots tend to be extremely simplistic, focusing more on the actress or a general theme.

This series might only have three entries but all three entries are fantastic. The actress shows up at a house and then goes around the house fucking the guys who live there. She literally goes room to room getting creampied over and over, not even cleaning up before finding her next victim. Then in the end she has a giant creampie gangbang with everyone. 041b061a72


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