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Buy 7 Seater Car

The Dacia Jogger is currently the cheapest 7-seater on the market. Prices start at 14,995, although you will want to spend a bit more for a few modern essentials like an 8-inch infotainment system and keyless entry. That pushes you up to the mid-range Comfort trim which costs 16,595.

buy 7 seater car

All modern 7-seater vehicles need to pass some stringent crash and safety tests before reaching the market. Even 3rd row passengers have seatbelts, and most luxury 7-seaters also offer airbags for every occupant.

Because even if you don't regularly drive with six passengers, having a third row of seats is a great feature in a car. How many of us, after all, have at one point had to take two cars when heading out on a trip with friends or extended family because there simply aren't enough seats and seatbelts to spare? These moments may not come up every day but, when they do, having a 7 seater car is a real boon.

Even if the third row of seats in a 7 seater car are a little tight, they're a fantastic resource, and 7 seaters can come in really handy for parents, who can take their kids' friends home from school or on outings, earning brownie points from everyone involved.

Advanced handling dynamics, forward-thinking safety features and truly empowering connectivity come together to create the perfect contemporary 7-seater car. The Kia Sorento boasts awe-inspiring beauty inside and out.Perfect for a growing family, this 7-seater SUV was built into a sophisticated package that was designed to help you navigate through life in luxury and style. Now available in Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid variants.

AA Cars works closely with thousands of UK used car dealers to bring you one of the largest selections of 7 seater cars on the market. All used 7 seater cars on the AA Cars website come with free 12 months breakdown cover and a free car history check.

When it comes to buying a 7-seater, there are two routes you can go down. The first is to choose an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle), which are cars explicitly built to be as practical as possible. Great options available here include the Volkswagen Touran, Ford S-Max and Citroen Grand C4 Picasso/Space Tourer, all of which offer a stylish and well-made cabin.

If you are looking for the lowest price used 7 seater, then use our sort by filter at the top of this page and select lowest price. This will rank all 7 seater vehicles in price order. Be prepared to see some of the cheapest models having high mileage so you can use our mileage dropdown to refine your search further. Look out for Volvo XC90, Vauxhall Zafira and Volkswagen Touran.

While a few traditional MPVs remain, and have a lot going for them, the choices facing buyers who want a seven-seat vehicle today are mainly split between SUVs and van-based MPVs. Van-based models, such as the Citroen e-Berlingo, make the most of the space, robust design and low costs of their commercial vehicle base models to deliver flexible, family-sized utility on a budget. The Dacia Jogger, on the other hand, breaks the mould by taking an affordable supermini and stretching it to make room for a third row, becoming the most affordable 7-seater in the UK by some margin.

For families that need a little extra space, this Toyota 7-seater SUV has a functional interior with three rows of seating and fold-flat third-row seats when not in use. Help keep everyone comfortable in the back with standard three-zone automatic climate control and available second-row sunshades.

This Toyota 7-passenger vehicle has style with room to spare. Enjoy media apps, great fuel economy ratings with up to an EPA-estimated 36/36/36 (city/highway/combined) MPG rating and more. This seven-seater is as stylish as it is functional.

This eco-sensitive Toyota 7/8 seater offers the ideal balance between power and efficiency. Get everyone where they're going with up to an EPA-estimated 36 city mpg and 243 hybrid system net horsepower.

But as time went on, car companies realized there was an unsatiated demand for third-row seating, especially for families with more than two kids looking to spread out. Third-row seating started as a minivan feature, but as the minivan faded from favor, the seven-seater SUV came into its own.

Jeep brings the premium seven-seater Grand Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer L to the market. The swanky SUV features an expansive cabin with third-row seating that will please even the pickiest passengers.

The Premium grade starts at $89,160, while the Ultra Luxury seven-seater SUV squeezes you for an eye-watering $129,250. All five editions come with a 409-horsepower, 3.4L twin-turbo V6 and a 10-speed automatic that consumes an EPA-estimated 19 mpg.

The Ford Everest has graced Australian showrooms from 2015, though its Down Under connection began long before that. Based on the Ranger ute's T6 ladder-frame platform, the Everest was engineered locally by Ford Australia. A 3.2-litre turbo-diesel was the initial engine of choice, offering 143kW and 470Nm. It was later joined by a 2.0-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder with 157kW and 500Nm - mated solely to the flagship Titanium grade. The Ford Everest is available in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive forms, with a choice of manual or automatic transmissions. It is available as a five-seater or seven-seater.

This CR-V which is larger than the previous model, is a true 7 seater with a roomy 2-3-2 configuration. Offering all leather seats and a split rear seat configuration which allows for multiple load options. All doors open to a 90 degree angle, making it really easy to get bulky items like car seats and babies in and out. It also makes access for the third row passengers much easier.

The Odyssey, available in a 7 or 8 seater, combines the comfort of a high-end sedan with vast cabin space, multiple seating configurations, power sliding doors, multi-angle reversing camera and 8 inch touch screen. It's the perfect car for large or extended families, businesses or organisations.

There are many seven or eight-seater cars on the market today that you would presume you would be able to at least 4 child seats in, but as I have found in my testing this is not the case! Either the second row doesn't fit three child seats or the rear row doesn't have top tether points, or you can't access them without uninstalling the second-row child seats!!

The Ford Everest ranges from $50,000 to $75,000, it is a great seven-seater for families. It has five-top tethers and two ISOFix in the back and I could fit five child seats in!! WOO HOO!! It also fits a twin stroller in the boot when using all seven seats which a lot of seven-seater don't. The Everest is a good allrounder, has Apple CarPlay and good reversing cameras, good offroad and practical for a large family too. Watch my full Ford Everest review here.

The Hyundai Palisade eight-seater is a really nice looking car with an enjoyable and practical interior. This is a great SUV for large families or small families wanting the flexibility of a larger boot or the seating flexibility that comes with three rows of seats! Ranging from $60,000-$71,000 they are al lot of car for the money. Four child seats fit really nicely in the Hyundai Palisade eight-seater model. There is a seven-seater version which only fits three child seats and you can look at that here. Watch my top 10 family features of the 2021 Hyundai Palisade video and the full review here.

The Kia Sorento PHEV is a fantastic seven-seat SUV ranging in price from $50,000 to $82,000. It is one of the few seven-seaters that has five-top tether anchorages and four ISOFix and I could fit five child seats in the back. The PHEV engine makes it a more affordable car for a family to run too. Third-row access is quite good if your outer child seat is installed using ISOFix rather than the seatbelt too. Watch my comparison of the Kia Sorento PHEV and Hyundai Palisade V6 8 seat video and the full review here.

The Mazda CX-9 is a fantastic seven-seater SUV and has always been a firm favourite! Ranging from $46,000-$74,000 they suit most family budgets whether you have one or five kids. Five child seats fit really nicely in the Mazda CX-9 with ISOFix in the two outer second-row seats and five top tether anchorages and just quietly THE BEST third-row access of all the seven and eight seater SUV's I've tested which definitely makes them a MUST for a test drive you are looking for a seven-seater family car. Watch my top 3 family features of the 2021 Mazda CX-9 video and the full review here.

The Kia Carnival is a great seven/eight-seat SUV ranging from $47,000 to $67,000. This year's new model sees five top tether anchorages and five ISOFix points and it fits five child seats really comfortably! When you use it as a seven-seater and remove the central second-row seat you get a great walkthrough to the third-row and it still holds four child seats. This is a fantastic car for families big and small because it is so easy to fit everything your family needs and be really great to drive! Watch my top 12 family features of the Kia Carnival video and the full review here.

The luxury seven-seater SUV, Audi Q7 has a spacious interior with five top tether anchorages and five ISOFix so five child seats fit nicely in the second and third-rows. The Q7 ranges in price from $102,000 to $165,000 so it is not in every families budget but for those it is a practical and enjoyable option. Watch my top 3 family features of the Audi Q7 video and the full review here.

The Kia Sorento seven-seat SUV ranges from $48,000 to $63,000, it's one of the more affordable and practical seven-seaters. It has five-top tether anchorages and four ISOFix and I could fit five child seats in the back. Third-row access is quite good if your outer child seat is installed using ISOFix rather than the seatbelt, otherwise you have to uninstall a child seat in the second-row. Watch my top 10 family features of the Kia Sorento video and the full review here. 041b061a72


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